:. Oklahoma Weather And Climate .:

Oklahoma Weather is dictated by the clash of artic and tropical air masses. The biggest variation in climate in Oklahoma is precipitation, with the southeast part of the state receiving an average of 52 inches of precipitation a year, while the western panhandle only gets about 15 inches.

Snowfall is common but rarely severe. What is severe about Oklahoma Weather is the number and severity of thunderstorms and tornadoes that hit the state every year. Oklahoma sees more severe thunderstorms and tornadoes than any other state.

Typical High and Low Temperatures For Various Oklahoma Cities

City Oklahoma City Tulsa
Jan 47/26 46/26
Feb 54/31 53/31
Mar 62/39 62/40
Apr 71/48 72/50
May 79/58 80/59
Jun 87/66 88/68
Jul 93/71 94/73
Aug 92/70 93/71
Sep 84/62 84/63
Oct 73/51 74/51
Nov 60/38 60/39
Dec 50/29 50/30