:. New Hampshire Weather And Climate .:

Warm, humid summers and cold, snowy winters are typical of New Hampshire Weather. The southeastern climate of New Hampshire is a little more moderate because of the area's proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, while areas to the north and in the mountains are even colder.

Snowfall is plentiful in New Hampshire, with most of the state seeing 60 to 100 inches of snow in a year. Total precipitation averages around 40 inches statewide. Nor'easters can bring large blizzards, and hurricanes can bring lots of rain, although hurricanes are usually diminished tropical storms by the time they hit the state.

Typical High and Low Temperatures For Various New Hampshire Cities

City Concord Mt. Washington
Jan 31/10 14/-4
Feb 34/13 15/-2
Mar 44/23 21/6
Apr 57/32 29/16
May 70/42 42/30
Jun 78/52 50/38
Jul 83/57 54/43
Aug 81/56 53/42
Sep 72/47 46/35
Oct 60/35 36/24
Nov 48/28 28/14
Dec 36/16 18/2