:. Massachusetts Weather And Climate .:

Massachusetts Weather means warm summers and cold, snowy winters. MThe 40 inches of precipitation that Massachusetts gets per year is pretty even divided between the four seasons. Summers are warm, with normal temperatures in the 80s, sometime getting hotter and climbing into the 90s. Winters are cold inland, and more mild on the Atlantic Coast.

Extreme weather in Massachusetts includes Nor'easters, blizzards, thunderstorms, and even tornadoes. Massachusetts can get hit by hurricanes, although it's far more likely that theyll see the tropical storm remnants of a hurricane rather than a direct hit.

Typical High and Low Temperatures For Various Massachusetts Cities

City Boston Worcester
Jan 36/22 31/16
Feb 39/24 34/18
Mar 46/32 43/26
Apr 56/40 54/36
May 67/50 66/46
Jun 77/59 74/55
Jul 82/66 79/61
Aug 80/64 77/60
Sep 72/57 69/51
Oct 62/46 58/41
Nov 52/38 47/32
Dec 42/28 36/22