:. Maryland Weather And Climate .:

There's a lot of variation in Maryland Weather, more than most states this size would see. The factors involved in creating the Maryland Climate include the Atlantic Ocean, elevation, and air currents.

Eastern Maryland experiences hot, humid summers and mild winters. As you move west the amount of cold and snowfall in winter increases, and the summers are milder. The eastern shore is more likely to experience a direct hit from a hurricane, although geographical barriers to the Maryland shore lower the chances. Indirect hits can create flooding. About 6 tornadoes a year hit Maryland, with little damage done.

Typical High and Low Temperatures For Various Maryland Cities

City Baltimore
Jan 41/24
Feb 45/26
Mar 54/34
Apr 64/42
May 74/52
Jun 83/61
Jul 87/66
Aug 85/64
Sep 78/57
Oct 67/44
Nov 56/35
Dec 46/27