:. Kentucky Weather And Climate .:

Like most of the central United States, Kentucky's Weather and Climate are influenced by polar and tropical air currents. When the polar air currents are dominant the weather is cooler, when the tropical air currents are dominant then the weather is warmer. When polar and tropical air currents collide then storms are created. In Kentucky the storms are usually thunder storms, although snow does occur.

Elevation and relative distance north or south are the other key factors when discusssing Kentucky Weather. Locations at higher elevatioins are cooler, as are locations that are further north. With no major bodies of water close enough to influence the temperature these two factors combine with the current dominant air current to create the current weathe condition in Kentucky.

Typical High and Low Temperatures For Various Kentucky Cities

City Lexington Louisville Paducah
Jan 40/24 41/25 42/24
Feb 45/28 47/28 48/28
Mar 55/36 57/37 58/37
Apr 65/44 67/46 68/46
May 74/54 75/56 77/55
Jun 82/62 83/65 85/64
Jul 86/66 87/70 89/68
Aug 85/65 86/68 87/65
Sep 78/58 79/61 81/57
Oct 67/46 68/48 71/45
Nov 54/37 56/39 57/36
Dec 44/28 45/30 46/28