:. Delaware Weather And Climate .:

Delaware Weather is moderated by its proximity to water, and even in this tiny state there is a difference between the climate near the ocean and inland, leading to milder summers and winters on the coast, and more snow in the winter and hot, sweltering days in the summer in areas located away from the coast. Cloudiness is the rule in parts of Delaware, and Wilmington is among the cloudiest cities in the United States. Thunderstorms are frequent during the summer, and like all east coast states hurricanes are possible.

Typical High and Low Temperatures For Various Delaware Cities

City Wilmington
Jan 39/24
Feb 42/26
Mar 52/33
Apr 63/42
May 72/52
Jun 81/62
Jul 86/67
Aug 84/66
Sep 77/58
Oct 66/46
Nov 55/37
Dec 44/28