:. Arkansas Weather And Climate .:


In general, Arkansas weather means hot humid summers and mild, drier winters. Summer days can reach into the low 90's, with the humidity making it feel even hotter. Winter days are often pleasant, and in the low 50's, although colder weather is possible. Annual precipitation ranges between 40 and 50 inches annually, and the east is slightly more prone to precipitation than the western part of the state. Snow is possible, but the total amount of snow is typically low, in the 3-5 inch range.


Arkansas averages around 60 thunderstorms a year. Tornadoes are a real threat in Arkansas; on May 1, 1997 20 people were killed by tornadoes, and in the past more than 50 people have been killed in a single day by tornadoes in Arkansas. The remnants of tropical storms can also hit Arkansas and cause flooding and storm damage.

Typical High and Low Temperatures For Various Arkansas Cities

City Fort Smith Little Rock
Jan 48/28 50/31
Feb 55/33 56/35
Mar 64/41 64/43
Apr 73/49 73/50
May 80/59 81/59
Jun 88/67 89/68
Jul 93/71 93/72
Aug 93/70 92/70
Sep 85/63 85/64
Oct 75/50 75/52
Nov 61/40 62/42
Dec 51/31 52/34