:. Alabama Weather and Climate .:

Alabama Weather is characterized by summers that are hot and humid and winters that are cool and mild, with plentiful amounts of rain throughout the year. The weather in the parts of Alabama that are near the Gulf of Mexico tends to be the warmest in summer and mildest in the winter, while the Northern, inland parts of the state see slightly cooler and drier summers. The area in the Appalachian Mountains in the north is the most likely to see snow in the winter. The end of winter and beginning of spring tends to be the driest time of the year (March), while October tends to be the wettest month.

Summers in Alabama can be brutally hot, with a wicked combination of high temperatures and high humidity. The average temperature during the summer is above 90°F for the entire summer throughout the whole state.

These conditions lead to frequent thunderstorms, especially in the coastal regions. Hurricanes coming from The Gulf are an annual threat, battering the cities on the coast and flooding inland areas. Alabama has two tornado seasons, one in the spring and a second season in November and December.

Winters are pleasant in Alabama, and snow is rare, especially south of Mobile. The cities on the coast will go for years without snow, and the average low temperature for most of the state is above freezing.
City Birmingham Huntsville Mobile Montgomery
Jan 53/32 49/31 61/40 58/36
Feb 58/35 55/34 64/42 62/39
Mar 66/42 63/41 71/49 70/45
Apr 74/48 72/48 77/55 78/51
May 81/58 80/58 84/63 85/60
Jun 88/65 86/65 89/69 91/67
Jul 91/70 89/70 91/72 93/71
Aug 90/69 89/68 91/72 92/70
Sep 85/63 83/62 87/68 88/65
Oct 75/51 73/50 79/56 79/52
Nov 64/42 62/41 70/48 69/44
Dec 56/35 52/34 63/42 60/38